Pocket​-​Sized Apocalypse

by Spiderwolf//Deathhorse

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released June 27, 2015



all rights reserved


Spiderwolf//Deathhorse Eugene, Oregon

Four human beings from Eugene, Oregon asking the question, "What if?" and then seeing what happens.

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Track Name: Skyhook (Astragalus)
When the sky breaks open
The Skyhook comes around
You can not live forever
But you can live right now

Sometimes when beauty's in front of me Laughing
I can't smile back at this new faith I've found JUST BREATHE
The fray in my soul is still dead but still smiling
To face this I'll go in alone

Most time life isn't clear
A diamond doesn't shine until it's cut
You've got to put more in
Than you could ever get out and
Let it go

Take no photo
Stop go free throw

When my mind becomes a vacant house
A place for you to reside while I slip through time
Endless hallways and a staircase that spirals down
The more that I think, the longer I'm here
The more I disappear

Sit in your house while I sit through my suitcase
I've slipped between the pages of the book I wrote
Pack up my thoughts and my things so I wont leave a trace
These words wont escape my throat
Eccentric eyes and a smile I retract
Important decisions, better react
Create your reality, or draw from the hat
Swallow the memories over react
Track Name: Cut Your Heart Out With A Hammer
Oh thats an awful look of dread on your face
You see something scary?
That's alright, that's ok, it's ok to be scared
You really should be

Look around, this is a fractured land
"I'll cut out your eyeball"
Broken in pieces and that is where fear lives, inside
the spaces between

I'll cut it out

What fun is it to wrestle with your conscious
when it's not in your class
I never wanted to expect the world...
Go fix itself
Guess I better step between the page

This nightmare, only difference is you're awake
You run buy you know that you can never escape
And the truth is you just crossed the line just in time
To feel my gun as I obliterate your cortex

It's stronger than the waking world
Strikes fear inside darkest parts of your mind
Fear is there, fear is real
Now look at me son, see something worse!

He spun around the axis of the world
Three times...

I'm the catastrophe open your eyes and see
Don't you wonder why?
One look around it's the end of the world with me
Look at the once with a voice
A fucking lie
Track Name: Shark With Legs
I can see you outside your room, counting your foes
(Numbers take forms that are vacant)
Hearing all the thoughts that you think, a psychic phone
(I know that I can't take it)
Sitting here for sixteen straight months, what the fuck?
(It's starting to change, starting to show)
This is so much fun
(All of these things you'll never know)
Fuck off!

Catch a draft through the window
Instant alter ego
When are you gonna let go
Of yourself and your own thoughts?

Hiding your plans and intentions in your back room
(Where do you go from here)
I bust in to butcher your thoughts, one by one
(Vision is not quite clear)

We look from inside but we could not run away
(My best ex-friend)
Disdainful taste of agony
Are we the same? Have we gone to far?
(Your position's been rejected)

Just shut the door
Forget all before

I tried hard to forget and forgive
This won't mend I refuse to pretend now
I am self inclined to leave you behind
To keep peace of mind
Diplomatic solution failsafe
Sneak attacks and well meaning code names
None of this can fix this wall
Relations best left in shambles

We looked from inside but we could not run away
Are we the same? Have we gone to far?